Big Island Bash Scholarships

We offer a limited number of scholarships for people who want to attend to the Bash but cannot afford the registration costs. Scholarships are intended for members with a sincere need. Scholarships are awarded based on eligibility, committee review and the order received. The Big Island Bash tries to fund eight scholarships. Our target is to provide 15-18 scholarships annually based on donations received. Each scholarship costs the same as a registration. You can DONATE HERE to our scholarship fund.

Starting in 2020, we only accept scholarship applications online. This is to ensure that scholarship applications are not lost in the mail and are received promptly.

Individuals receiving a scholarship will be able to attend all workshops, meetings, and the Saturday night luau dinner. Priority will be given to applicants with less than 1) two years of sobriety, 2) who are residents of the Big Island (and secondly to residents of the State of Hawaii). Remaining scholarships may be given to non-Hawaii residents. People cannot receive a scholarship more than once.


Eligibility requirements:

  • Must have a sponsor.

  • Must be working a 12 step program with a sponsor.

  • Must be able to attend the meetings/workshops during the Big Island Bash

    The Bash is looking for volunteers as a Red Shirt during the Bash (event volunteers for service). While not a requirement for scholarship recipients, please consider volunteering. Examples of the types of service during the Bash include checking ID badges, assisting with hospitality room activities, fun run and cultural walk, helping with registration, helping decorations and set up committee, helping break down after event

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